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January 7, 2003

Woman accused of dragging officer

Another story from the Dayton Daily News.

FAIRFIELD | Police on Monday arrested a woman they said used her car to drag an officer, lead (sic) them on a chase for 30 minutes and then refuse to get out of her vehicle until she finished her beer.
Yep. I'm back in Ohio. I'll never escape.
posted by el goose on 1/7/2003 01:14:19 PM | link

Police: Urbana mom faked girlís leukemia for money

Here's a recent DDN favorite.

Inmates sue about jailís care response

And another.

"We try to treat them as humanely as possible," [Montgomery County Sheriff Dave] Vore said.
That's a relief.
posted by el goose on 1/7/2003 01:22:30 PM |

The Poet Laureate of the Planet Earth

Oh, dear.

Wit and Wisdom of Thorne Peters

  • "Men are conquerors and women are sexual. It's fire and water. No man wants to fuck a woman that wants to fuck; there's nothing to conquer."
  • "I'll tell you why doctors and lawyers scare the hell outta me; no matter how long they've been on the job, they still call what they do for a living: 'practice.' "
  • "Who the hell wants to wait for an airplane in a place called terminal?"
  • "Caucasians are the only race of people that contemplate their prejudice and it will ultimately be our undoing."

    The best the planet Earth has to offer, by far.
    posted by el goose on 1/7/2003 05:14:44 PM | link


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